TWT Challenge Ride March 2016

Horse swimming

Not everything on The Waterberg Trust Challenge Ride went quite as expected.

Giraffe at Ant's Nest

Taking photographs on horseback is not always as easy as it looks

Horse scratching

What the wildlife thought was beyond us.

Banded Mongoose

No one guessed we would be actually handling reptiles

LWS Anne with python

or riding a spotted animal

Dom on Kwalata

It is difficult to take picture of horses cantering – but it felt we were flying

Horse flying

We faced unexpected challenges

wrapping up the saddles

along with a bit of precipitation

Loving the rain

Although some admitted to getting a little tired

Susie Airy

others graciously hid the fact they were  exhausted.


Despite the thought of hidden danger


the intrepid wildlife photographers survived

Hippo hunting

the hippo remained safely in the water

Jane Newton

We had time to relax

Susie Greenwood

and read a bit

Reading Horse & Hound in South Africa

as did the animals.

Cotswold Life's South African readership

Everyone enjoyed being in the African bush,

Dom with giraffe by Anne Lester

no one was eaten by a crocodile

Susie swimming

and good fun was had by all.

Ant after doing the ant dance

We made it safely through to live another day.

Sophie Neville

You can subscribe to these news articles below and follow The Waterberg Trust on Facebook. If you’d like to sponsor any of these intrepid riders, their Justgiving pages are still active – please click here.

Sundowners by Anne Lester


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