Riding across Jembisa on Day 6 of the Waterberg Trust Ride 2017


Waterbuck were grazing in the Palala Valley as we set out at dawn on day six of The Waterberg Trust Challenge Ride 2017.

TWT Ride Day 6 early morning hippo in the Palala RiverHippo looked on as we went down to tack up the horses for our last day of riding.

TWT Ride Day 6 Horses

It was good get back in the saddle and set off early.


We passed blesbok as we cantered down the airstrip

TWT Riders cantering on Jembisa

before making our way up into the hills, by which time the sun had come up.

TWT Ride 2017 Day 6 Juliet and Elisa

After following four oryx through the bush, we reached a dam at the far end of Jembisa where the horses could drink.

TWT Ride Day 6 Hilly Sophie and Janie at the Jembisa waterhole

That afternoon we rode fast across the reserve

TWT Ride Cantering at the end of the ride

Making our way to a view-point, tired but happy after a long, adventurous week in the saddle.

TWT Ride Hilly Janie and Lulu resting in the evening light

What no one guested was that they would be treated to a champagne as the sun set.

TWT Ride 2017 champagne ending

It was hugely appreciated and well desereved by the riders who had all done so well.

Sophie Neville in the Waterberg 2017 - photo Mairi Hunt

That evening was celebrated in style. Stories were told and events of the week recounted.

TWT Ride Day 6 last supper

We were treated to a wonderful Africa dinner under the trees with candles and a fire.

TWT Ride Day 6 last supper at Jembisa

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