News from Lapalala Wilderness School in the Waterberg

Mashudu Makhokha, Director of Lapalala Wilderness School has sent The Waterberg Trust a report on World Rhino Day celebrations.


‘I personally cannot describe the absolute joy of the 42 children attending from 21 rural schools and their individual ‘speech’ giving performances on the subject of rhino conservation.’

In addition to the children, the following organizations in this collaborate event clearly illustrate the power of co-operation in our task of EE:
The Endangered Wildlife Trust, My school my village my planet, Bushpigs (WESSA), Save the Waterberg Rhino, the LWS. In attendance was the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, Welgevonden and Lapalala Wilderness Reserve were also present.

A day such as this reminds one of the wealth of talent that resides in our youth who need no more than an opportunity to express themselves. This collaborative effort on the part of all these fine organizations coming together gives one hope for the future of conservation.

The first Prize taken by Thabang Nkoe (Meetsetshehla Secondary School), Second Prize was a taken by Majoki Masenya (Meetsetshehla Secondary School) and Hope Digashu (Kgaba Secondary School), Third Prize taken by
Mpho Ramasobana (Bathokwa Secondary school) and Thapelo Molefe (Bakenberg Secondary School).

In a world where so much seems negative these days we need now and then with events like this, especially with our youth.

This was made possible by donors’ contributions to our programme, which assists us to be effective in helping our children discover the value of biodiversity in our natural world and our place within it and to identify and nurture Africa’s future conservation champions. Through event like this, we are starting to see those future leaders emerging.

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