Thanks to our regular donors and the support of those who sponsored riders on the last four Waterberg Trust Challenge Rides, TWT has been able to help a number of projects in the Waterberg:

Lapalala Wilderness School – Education in Conservation project

TWT riders with local primary school children at Lapalala Wilderness School in 2016

In 2017, The Waterberg Trust enabled 125 pupils from Vaalwater aged 12-17 to attend a three-day residential course at Lapalala Wilderness School where they learnt about nature conservation. TWT riders met some of these teenagers:

TWT riders with students from Meetshesethla Secondary School in 2017

In February 2018, TWT enabled 60 teenagers and their teachers from Leseding Secondary School to go on a five-day residential course at Lapalala Wilderness School. TWT is sponsoring another group Meetsetshehla Secondary School to attend a course in 2019.

TWT Riders 2018 learing about community projects in the Waterberg
TWT Chairman Belinda Chaffer with being shown around Lapalala Wilderness School with other TWT riders in January 2018

Northern Education Trust – School Nurse

Nurse Grace Ismail

TWT is providing an expereinced school nurse to work in and around Leseding Township to address social, health and educational issues faced by learners including teenage pregnancy and teenage motherhood as well as drug/alchol abuse.

Nurse Grace
Nursing Sister Grace Ismail in her office at Meetsetshehla School

Nurse Grace has an office at Meetsetshehla Secondary School, which has 706 learners. Here she offers careers advice, takes life orientation classses and has set up a vegetable garden, which students care for. Funding has been found to purchase washable sanitary pads so that girls do not miss school.

Waterberg Welfare Society – Education and Welfare projects

WWS nurse and Stepping forward t shirt 2018

The Waterberg Trust is paying the salary for a nurse who works at the WWS Hospice and on the HIV/Aids Stepping Forward project.

WWS nurse outside hospice 2018 The nurse at the Waterberg Welfare Society with counsellors and patients

Back to school scheme
Students receiving school uniform at WWS

The Waterberg Trust continues to finance learner support programmes at the Waterberg Welfare Society to give local children a place to study with a qualified Maths mentor. Stationary and school uniforms for 2018 have been funded.

Back to school scheme running in the Waterberg
New school shoes – 2015

The Language and Homework Club ensures pupils graduating from primary schools, where lessons are given in SeSotho, can improve on their language and computer skills to make the most of their secondary education, which is taught in English. All pupils have improved by a grade.

Soul Buddie’s Turorial and Homework Club at WWS

Lethabo Kids Club – Education and Welfare projects

Letabo Kids Club going back to school
School shirts purchased for members of Lethabo Kids Club in 2016

TWT grants have supported the ‘Back to School’ project at Letabo Kids Club, that has been run in the township of Leseding by Marilyn Cook for the last seventeen years.


The ‘Back to School Project’ ensures each child has a smart uniform, shoes, a book bag and place in school.

TWT supporters visited the project in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Kids Club is attended by 200-600 children each week and is an important point of contact with those in need.

Members of Lethabo Kids Club showing off their new school uniform to TWT riders in 2017

Marilyn says, ‘Most requests are for school shoes.’ She takes the children shopping to have them properly fitted. As soon as they are out-grouw they get passed-on.

TWt Ride 2018 school shoes purchased with a TWT grant

The youth who have grown up at Lethabo Kids Club now help as volunteers and have formed the Kholofelo Association who are seeking help to take them through tertiary education or start businesses.

TWT Ride 2018 Nurse Grace speaking at Lethabo Kids Club
Nurse Grace speaking at Lethabo Kids Club in 2018

The Northern Education Trust – Education Support projects

A grant was awarded to help with the university fees for an outstanding student called Donum Mandizvidza whose mother sadly died. She had been a teacher at the local secondary school. Donum has been studying for a degree in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics at Pretoria University.

Donum Mandizvidza at University

“I am driven and upon finishing my undergraduate I want to pursue my Postgraduate degree in Financial Mathematics while writing my board certification exams from ASSA (Actuarial Society of South Africa) and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) institute.”

Boschdraai  Primary School

Pupils at Boschdraai Primary School receiving new books in 2015

Donations of books and stationary were brought out by TWT riders in 2015 for Boshchdraai Primary School, which 140 children now attend.

TWT Ride 2018 DAY 4 - Boschdraai Primary School who received gifts of pens and pencils from riders.jpg
Boschdraai Primary School receiving pens and pencils in 2018

TWT supporters visited the school in 2017 and in 2018, when they bought gifts of pens and pencils.

Alex's donation

The Waterberg Living Museum

TWT Rdie 2018 DAY 3 - Riders atg the Living Museum with benches donated by TWT
TWT riders at the Waterberg Living Museum with benches donated by TWT

TWT is supporting the Waterberg Living Museum established by Clive Walker and his son Anton Walker for local school children and visitors to the area.

Picnic tables donated by TWT to the Waterberg Living Museum
Pinic tables donated by TWT waiting to be placed at the Waterberg Living Museum

Save The Waterberg Rhino – Conservation project

Save The Waterberg Rhino anti-poaching equipment
Officer van Heerdon receiving equipment from Tessa Baber of Save The Waterberg Rhino

Thanks to those who sponsored Sam Whitbread and his friends on their Rickshaw Run through India, TWT  was able to send £1,000 to Save The Waterberg Rhino for the purchase of equipment for the anti-poaching unit and local Police Force.

New baby rhino born at Ant's Nest, South Africa

TWT is now helping Save The Waterberg Rhino to install a high-tech security initative with a network of 34 night-vision cameras to help guard wilderness areas from the threat of poaching. They are being erected on great poles:

Lorry planting poles for STWR cameras

This operation has been carefully thought through and implemented, maximizing security in the whole area so that everyone benefits.

lorry planting STWR camera poles

It has been vital to get the right hardware, software and verification processes in place.


TWT Riders with a new security point for Save The Waterberg Rhino
TWT Ride 2018 DAY 3 - Clive Walker with a security guard currently using the container donated by TWT as an opperations base
One of the Waterberg Security guards with conservationist Clive Walker in 2018 outside another security base provided by The Waterberg Trust

The security container purchased by The Waterberg Trust is being used as a staging post for WSI security patrols in the district, which operate on a 24 hour basis.

Anti-poaching security continer
One of the WSI Anti-Poaching units that use the TWT security container as a base – photo taken by TWT Chairman, December 2018

The Waterberg is home to the third highest population of rhino in the world and is under huge pressure from international poaching syndicates. We are doing what we can.


-TWT Riders observing white rhino-