How to Donate

UK charity number: 1115964

  • Account Name: Waterberg Welfare Society Trust
    Sort Code: 405240
    Account Number: 00017512
    Bank: CAF Bank Ltd, 25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4JQ

THANK YOU for funding The Waterberg Trust and the projects we support.

Donating through JustGiving works well as UK Gift Aid is automatically claimed and they accept 8 different currencies. Please click here.

donate_white Justgiving button

There are a number of other ways you can donate:

By cheque ~ You can donate by sending a cheque payable to TWT to:

TWT, The Trust Partnership, 6 Trull Farm Buildings, Tetbury, Gloucestershire  GL8 8SQ United Kingdom. (Phone: 01285 841900)

Regular giving ~ If you wish to set up a monthly standing order or direct debit, please instruct your bank to make payments.

A gift for the future ~ If you wish to leave TWT a legacy, please contact Noel Cooper at The Trust Partnership (Phone: 01285 841900)

Shop online via ~ The Waterberg Trust is registered as an EasyFundraising charity. If you shop online, at Amazon, ebay, John Lewis and other participating retailers, click on the e-link and they will donate a percentage to the charity. You can see how it works and sign up by clicking here.

International payments ~ either with Justgiving, which take 8 different currencies or via HSBC, City Corporate Banking Centre: Account name – CAF Bank Ltd  For credit to:– The Waterberg Trust Account Number 00017512 with CAF Bank Account number: 72138549  Sort code: 40-05-30  SWIFT BIC code – MIDLGB22XXX       IBAN no – GB48MIDL40053072138549

Please click on the form below to print off a copy to send with your donation:

The Waterberg Trust Gift Aid form

19 thoughts on “How to Donate

  1. I am so touched by the good work done by sister Grace and others.oh i wish i had something to offer.but i will either way.i will keep in contact with Grace to check how i can be of an assistance. i am 100% behind you guys.God bless you.


    1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. There are all sorts of ways of getting involved with the work of Sister Grace and The Waterberg Trust. We are buys collecting bras that she can distribute to students. Others are providing sanitary products. I am giving a talk in Cumbria tomorrow evening to help raise funds and we are putting on a wildlife art exhibition in October. It would be great if you could come. Where are you located?


  2. Hi,
    We are an environmental consulting company planning a getaway in the Vaalwater area in October. We would like to spend some time, and money, while we are there to add some value to those in need in the area.
    We would maybe be able to provide labour, materials and advice on small scale farming, or a vegetable garden. we might be able to provide a clean energy solution for someone, or we might be able to provide environmental education and awareness materials and training in a school.
    I would really appreciate it if you could give us some advice.
    Kind Regards,
    Andrew Smith


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