Fundraising ideas

Have fun fundraising for us!

Here are some examples of TWT events that have been held:


TWT supporters invited wildlife film-maker Alastair Fothergill to give a talk on his BBC series ‘The Hunt’ on 3rd December 2016 when they held a raffle and silent auction. You can read about it by clicking here

What could you do?

Would you like to join our next sponsored ride in South Africa?

or bike ride through Cambridgeshire?

Riders raise funds on

makeapage_your_white justgiving

click here to read about our TWT Challenge ride in 2015

click here to read about the TWT Challenge Rides 2016

and scroll down here to read about TWT Challenge Ride 2017

IMG_1593 (2)

Could you raise funds by holding a party?

Here is one held by TWT supporters in 2016:


One supporter is holding a Switching Evening in 2017

Another is selling decorative trays:


Sponsored Events in the past have included:

going on a journey …through India:

Rickshaw in India

Do you need a hair cut?  

Expensive haircuts

People may just sponsor you.

x Sophie Neville with electrical hairdressing 1

 A sponsored ride across South America:


Sponsored Walks

FUNNILY ENOUGH Kindle illustrated 04 Oct 2011_html_m1ddfa28e

A Sponsored Cricket Match:

Cricket Match

Donations in lieu of wedding presents:

Sophie Neville on her wedding day at Saperton above the Golden Valley


~ Donations in lieu of Funeral Flowers ~

inmem_remember_white justgiving

or Birthday presents – especially if you are throwing a party

happy birthday

We’ve held a Fundraising Dinner:


An exhibition of sculpture in Holland:


A Charity Ball and Auction:


Along with a Silent Auction:


We’ve sold farm produce, wood and secondhand clothes:


We’ve held a number of Slide Shows:


and an Evening for Friends:

Funnily Enough invitation for News page

We’ve sold greetings cards:

Charity greetings cards by Sophie Neville

and raised funds giving quite a few talks:



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